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Covid-19 Memorial Service

May 19, 2021
On Friday, May 14th, Oak Pointe hosted a memorial service outside of our skilled nursing facility for the residents that we lost to Covid-19. We were able to spend the afternoon with our staff, residents, families, and community partners celebrating their lives. A tree was planted in the yard, and benches were donated as a place we can all go to visit our loved ones who have passed. We were blessed with a gorgeous day remember those we lost and reflect on the difficult time we went through together.

We want to thank all of the people who helped make this day so special. Thank you to Community Hospice for coordinating the service and the making programs, Interim Healthcare for the refreshments, the friends of Terry Moore for donating the benches, Crossroads Hospice for the beautiful flowering planter, and Stutzman Lawn for donating and planting the tree. A big thank you also goes to our Social Service Director, Carrie Coleman, for planning our memorial service. We are so lucky to have so many generous people in our community!

The Oak Pointe family wants this to be a place where everyone feels welcome to come and take a moment to sit on the benches, enjoy the views, and remember their loved ones.

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