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National Food Service Week at Oak Pointe

October 8, 2020
Baltic, Ohio - Oak Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation is celebrating National Food Service Week! The Food Service Staff at Oak Pointe does an amazing job and they don't get recognized often enough for the behind-the-scenes work that happens all day every day. No matter if it's preparing a daily meal or a meal for a special event, this team always goes over and beyond!

The work of these individuals plays a significant role in day to day operations at our facility. Proper nourishment is the key to recovering from illness. They prepare meals for individuals with all backgrounds and health needs. They also manage extensive inventory and are responsible for maintaining a clean environment.

Oak Pointe would like to thank our outstanding dietary team- Kerry Cox, Jane McNichols, Sheril Burris, Kim Hixson, Deb Nelson, Cammie Miles, Hunter Mead, Josh Eicher, Wayne Moore.

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National Food Service Week at Oak Pointe
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