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Plenty of Snowman Jokes at Baltic Nursing Home

January 17, 2020
Winter Fun at Oak Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Check out some of our favorite snowman jokes!

Why was the snowman rummaging through the bag of carrots?
He was picking his nose.

Where do snowmen dance?
At the snowball.

How do you know if a snowman has been in your bed?
You wake up and your bed is wet.

Where does a snowman keep his money?

What do you call an old snowman?
A puddle.

When a snowman is angry he has a ________?

What happened when the snowgirl went out with the snowman?
She gave him the cold shoulder.

News & Events

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Thank you from all of us at Oak Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Center!

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Thank you for all of your support!

Oak Pointe Employees Recognized for Going Extra Mile
Thank you, Bev, Kerri, Shelley, and Sherri!

Meet Oak Pointe's Speech Therapy Team: Emily
May is Better Hearing and Speech Month.

National Nursing Home Week at Oak Pointe
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